Investment Criteria

NMA invests in Regional and NM-based companies with tremendous potential for success

New Mexico Angels invests in companies located in New Mexico and the Southwest region, and is actively co-investing with angel groups in surrounding states. Companies considered for investment should have an unfair advantage, such as patented or proprietary technologies or processes, and the capability of penetrating or creating global markets.

Criteria we favor include:

  • Seeking investment between $100k-$500k, with a pre-money of less than $3m
  • A compelling and achievable strategy for capturing a significant market share.
  • Barriers to entry such as patents, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary advantages.
  • A market opportunity sufficiently large (several hundred million) to create a business with revenues of at least $50 MM after five years.
  • A desire for advice and coaching.
  • A company valuation, pre-money, which will produce the opportunity for a minimum of a 10X return for the angel investors.
  • Multiple exit strategies for the angel investors.

Your potential use of investment funds can include:

  • Completing the prototype or technology, and further patents/other IP.
  • Product launch.
  • Developing additional products.
  • Completing strategic corporate partnerships.
  • Expanding or improving the management team.
  • Other uses of funds to add to the value of the company.

Preparing for the next round of funding at a multiple of the prior funding round.
We accept only electronic submissions via our proposal form to include a brief, (not more than three page) Executive Summary. We may ask you for a Power Point presentation later.

Our Preferred Industry Sectors

Our investment preferences is companies that present a compelling investment proposition, where there is a viable exit strategy in less than seven years. We are both technology and location agnostic. The New Mexico Angels are looking for the best investment opportunity.