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The following are NM Angels’ “Deals in Play” companies with which we are actively working, a service for our Members and Sponsors.

We welcome connecting with interested parties – accredited investors, partners, customers, etc.

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Company Name: Terra Vera


About: Terra Vera is a first of its kind agriculture technology company using an amino acid platform to safely prevent crop loss and improve crop quality.

Latest Round: Convertible Note | Seed

Company Name:


About: is a GenAI Chat Cloud solution for enterprise growth and engagement in healthcare.

Latest Round: Convertible Note | Seed

Company Name: Bosque Brewing


About: Bosque Brewing is a New Mexico beer, restaurant and lifestyle brand.

Latest Round: Convertible Note | Expansion Capital

Company Name: Both&


About: Both& is a D2C ecommerce brand creating clothing for the exploding transmasculine, nonbinary, and GNC communities, using a proprietary fit and sizing system built through extensive research.

Latest Round: SAFE Note | Seed

Company Name: Flow Aluminum


About:Flow Aluminum builds energy-storage solutions to the drone, auto, residential and grid storage industries, dedicated to enabling a sustainable future and facilitating the transition towards a clean energy ecosystem. The battery is non-flammable, low cost and high energy density (695 wh/kg).

Latest Round: SAFE Note | Pre-Seed



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