My View: Priscilla Dakin, Angel investors help N.M. companies grow

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The ecosystem of New Mexico is such that all work collaboratively to ensure local and regional investment to the benefit of individuals, organizations and institutions.

I moved here from another part of the country where a larger population and deeper pockets help to ensure the future. The smaller population in New Mexico, with fewer financial resources, results in fewer people with stability and, frankly, well-being. This is noted in educational performance, physical well-being and general standard of living. Yet there are people working to overcome these challenges by developing the business environment.

The mission of New Mexico Angels is to provide opportunities where its members can obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies in New Mexico and the Southwest region and accelerating them to market leadership.

Our group assures qualified investors they can earn a return on their investment. It is also a place where investments in local endeavors provide jobs and income with stability for more of our citizens. And this trickles down to children.

For this work to bolster our state population, the results need not be direct jobs for individuals, either. The resulting business could be an enterprise, one funded by angel investors, with just a couple of people creating a well-run, growing business.

The resources necessary to operate may be acquired from other in-state businesses or be shipped in methodologies that employ local people. Whatever the structure, New Mexico Angels-funded businesses are developing new health-oriented therapies, techniques, and products — ones where New Mexico residents benefit first.

The past few years have seen growth in funds invested, whether directly through the Angels or through its sister New Mexico Vintage Fund.

Volunteers screen investment opportunities and ensure advancement through expert mentoring of businesses working to do what they do the very best. These dedicated volunteers are supported by a small team of critical expert staff and leadership.

Key relationships with state departments, incubators, universities, labs, and others help ensure depth of expertise, beneficial partnerships, and removal of obstacles. In its mission, New Mexico Angels does not work in a silo.

One of the Santa Fe companies New Mexico Angels invested in, Parting Stone, recently has expanded into Australia. Taos Bakes is expanding into other parts of the Southwest. Several others already area granted or are applying for national approvals — think FDA, trademarks, patents. Some are in the development phase of having their products/equipment in trials before advancing to full deployment.

One, Electric Playhouse, is expanding into Las Vegas, Nev., having initiated its joyful experiential concept right here in Albuquerque. Another, Build with Robots, was formed to ensure airport and school environmental safety. It is expanding into other critical locations via national distributors.

Via the Santa Fe New Mexican!