Build to Exit with David Perez

Version 6

By David Perez for The Exit Podcast by Flippa

This week on The Exit: “If you can’t make a sale, you have no business…but with sales comes rejection.”

David Perez is a seasoned entrepreneur who has sold two companies, generated millions from Fortune100 customers, and has served as an advisor for founders and businesses.

Through the rollercoaster ride of his business journey, one constant that he believes led to his success is in becoming comfortable with and energized by rejection.

From his first venture in 1999 building corporate websites to his medical documentation company, he discusses how he identified the opportunities that became his businesses, lessons learned when structuring his exit deals, and thoughts on characteristics to embody to succeed in business.

For the full details of his journey and the gems along the way, listen to the latest episode of the Exit.

Personal &/or Company Bio:
David Perez is an accomplished entrepreneur with a successful track record of starting and building B2C and B2B technology companies in the fields of healthcare technology, data analytics, and digital marketing. With a strong background in sales, marketing, and branding, David also has extensive experience raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, SaaS platforms, software development, market research and education. As the CEO of The Santa Fe Group, David led the sale of the Shared Assessments program to One Trust in May 2021. In 2011, David started Seamless Medical Systems creating the leading platform for patient check in and medical practice efficiency. Seamless was sold to GetWellNetwork in January 2017.


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