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Our Mission

New Mexico Angels’ mission is to provide opportunities where its members can obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies in New Mexico and the Southwest Region and accelerating them to market leadership. We work with the venture capital community and angel groups in the Southwestern area.

"The New Mexico Angels were among the beginning champions for our business. The investment from the Angels was not just financial. Their involvement has strengthened the foundation of our company, by means of consistent mentorship, and valued connection with the business community focused in our targeted product area. They have provided all of these services unselfishly, and with a genuine desire to improve economics in New Mexico. We greatly appreciate and value the relationship we continue to build with the Angels."
— Dr. Charles Harb, Anna Harb - RingIR, Inc.

Our History

For more than 20 years, New Mexico Angels has been investing in New Mexico-based high growth potential early stage and seed companies. The New Mexico Angels is not a venture fund, and it does not make direct investments; it does, however, serve as an intermediary between its members and potential investment opportunities -- with members making direct investments through the vehicle of New Mexico Angels.

Our Members

Over $20 million invested since 1999

With its pooled knowledge and resources, New Mexico Angels negotiates the terms of the deal and helps facilitate potential investments for our members – who all come from diverse business and investment backgrounds. This enables us to provide contacts, mentoring, and other assistance in growing businesses throughout a wide range of industries. In addition, New Mexico Angels offers much more than cash funding alone. Instead, NM Angels provides “value-added” capital that includes advice and discussion – critical components needed in all phases of potential investments.

Investment Criteria

In addition to providing value-added capital, New Mexico Angels also offers the benefits of our strong relations with many national venture capital firms, enabling us to assist in bringing in those very important next financing rounds from those firms. With some members of our Board and Screening Committee also partners of venture capital firms in New Mexico, the New Mexico An-gels is able to sometimes assist if follow-on financing is necessary and appropriate.