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The New Mexico Angels operates with two primary goals: (1) to provide its members with early stage investment opportunities, and (2) to educate the community about early-stage investing within the State of New Mexico. As a result, the New Mexico Angels not only has a strong reputation in the economic development sector as a group of serious investors, but the organization is also known for their educational contributions to the community in the form of theme-focused presentations, seminars, and events that truly engage the audience and are beneficial to the attendee:

Angel Boot Camps – During this intensive 3-hour seminar, entrepreneurs get a full overview of the equity ecosystem in New Mexico and how they can access this ecosystem to move their companies forward. We discuss deal structure, term sheets, valuations and understanding the language of equity investors. We teach entrepreneurs about how investors make investment decisions and what to do to prepare for a funding pitch opportunity.

  • Equity 101 Seminars – (Available upon Request) Equity 101 focuses on “what is equity” and “is it right for your company”? We also review the different types of funding sources available (Angel Investment vs. Venture Capital Investing) and discuss investment vs. development timelines.
  • Equity 202 Seminars – Equity 202 dives deeper into equity investments for companies that are almost ready to pitch to an investor. We focus heavily on term sheets and the different types of deals – convertible notes vs. equity, and valuations.
  • Lunch & Learn Series – Our Lunch and Learn Series is a four-part theme-focused seminar series that covers a variety of business development topics over a catered lunch. Each event lasts 1.5 hours and includes Q&A and mentor follow-up by guest speakers. Topics include, but are not limited to:
  1. Introduction to Angel Investing
  2. How Intellectual Property is Important to your Business
  3. Customer Discovery & Market Evaluation
  4. Financing Your Business Through Angel Deals
  • Office Hours (Zoom). Since we want to be a constant resource for entrepreneurs and business owners, we have office hours on the third Friday of the month. During office hours, mentors are available to discuss everything from new ideas for a company to how to structure a deal. Entrepreneurs can stop in anytime between the hours of 1pm and 3pm to meet with a mentor.
  • Tutor Tuesdays (Zoom) are a monthly virtual educational session for investors and all those interested in angel investing. Past events have focused on topics such as Maximizing Brand Value, Early Stage Business Valuation, and Angel 101

To see recordings of past events, see our videos page.

Over the last 10 years, the New Mexico Angels has built strategic partnerships with STC.UNM, WESST Enterprise Center, New Mexico BioTechnology & Biomedical Association, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Arrowhead Center for Innovation, The Santa Fe Incubator and Sandia Science and Technology Park to cross-promote events and further the education of entrepreneurs and the community. As part of these partnerships, the New Mexico Angels often volunteer their time as mentors, board members and consultants to give back to the community and promote economic growth.

Tutor Tuesday with Hall T. Martin, TEN Capital Network, CEO & Founder

Tuesday, 1/26/21

New Mexico Angels presents Tutor Tuesday, a monthly virtual educational sessions for investors and those learning about angel investors throughout the state of New Mexico.

Session Title: Early Exit Deal Structure with Hall T. Martin

An alternative term sheet "3X in 3". There are a number of models for investors to earn a return beyond just making an equity investment in a start-up and hoping for an exit - someday. This session shares a redemption contract with the goal of investors earning three times their money and getting out after three years.

Hall T. Martin, Founder & CEO of TEN Capital has a network of over 12,000 investors and has helped startups raise over $700M and counting. TEN Capital is based in Austin, TX, and has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years.

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