Meet the 16 startups and vote in round one of our 2024 Inno Madness competition


By Jacob Maranda – Energy and Technology Reporter for New Mexico Inno

After a months-long nomination process and weeks of whittling down to 16 promising startups from across the Land of Enchantment, it’s here — New Mexico Inno’s 2024 Inno Madness competition!

Inno Madness is our friendly, bracket-style startup contest where readers vote to advance companies based on one primary question: Who would you invest in? The bracket, full of the 16 startups for which you’ll get the chance to answer that question, is designed to spotlight innovative, fast-growing companies in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Inno editorial team assembled the bracket based on reader nominations and other community input. Seeding is based on performance in prior Inno Madness competitions, previous coverage and startup traction, with the 2022 and 2023 Inno Madness champions holding each of the No. 1 seeds, respectively.

Check out the full bracket below, and read the contest rules here.

The goal of Inno Madness is to give a snapshot of the most promising tech companies in New Mexico. It’s by no means a complete list of New Mexico’s best startups, which is a testament to the growing tech scene in the state; it’s meant to represent the full breadth and diversity of the ecosystem, including some of our 2024 Startups to Watch.

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of the 16 startups in this year’s bracket. Use the button in the bracket above, or the link here, to vote in round one.

Now, let’s kick off our 2024 Inno Madness competition!

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