New Mexico Angels’ Portfolio Company Appears in National Publication


This company turns your loved one’s ashes into beautiful pebbles

Fast Company, article by Elissaveta M. Brandon. Published on August 16, 2021

Parting Stone provides a more personalized, meaningful, and sustainable way to honor the departed.

Parting Stone is a “death tech” startup that can turn the cremated remains of your loved ones into “solidified remains” that resemble smooth, stone-like objects but are in fact almost 100% ashes. Self-described as the first company to provide such a complete alternative to ashes, Parting Stone allows for a more meaningful experience that can be held comfortably, shared with others, displayed, or even scattered. It also fits into an ever-growing death care industry—expected to be worth about $68 billion by 2025— that is increasingly catering to the desire for more personalized, meaningful, and often sustainable ways to honor the departed.

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