Parting Stone makes decorative rocks out of cremated remains

Santa Fe New Mexican
Article by Teya Vitu, published on May 17, 2021

Ashes to ashes to urn to box that ends up in the garage or closet.

There must be a better way to memorialize cremated remains, pondered Justin Crowe upon the death of his grandfather in 2014. He talked about loss with other people who would tell him about keeping ashes in the closet or garage.

“I was realizing it was a poor experience for one of their most treasured possessions,” Crowe said. “Did we have to be receiving remains in this form?”

In recent months, the New Mexico Angels and Arrowhead Innovation Fund, a subsidiary of the Arrowhead Innovation Center at New Mexico State University, each stepped up with $100,000 investments, as did a variety of other investors. Parting Stone has received combined investments of $1.9 million, Crowe said.