Watch December’s Tutor Tuesday: “Radical Responsibility”


Watch Tutor Tuesday – “Radical Responsibility: An Introduction to Conscious Leadership” w/ David J. Young


Talk Description: Responsibility is critical for long-term success in business and in life. However, we often confuse responsibility with fault and blame because of we are traditionally taught about responsibility growing up. This confusion leads to team dysfunction, wasted energy, and a lack of results. In this presentation, David Young distinguishes between disempowering and empowering definitions of responsibility and how you can create higher results using Radical Responsibility.

Speaker Bio: David Young is the co-founder of WholeHearted and creator of Take Your Life On. As an international coach and speaker, David supports leaders to create stress-free productivity, healthy communication, and conscious leadership. With a background in East Asian philosophy, international diplomacy, and community development, David’s dream is to create a culture of WholeHeartedness for future generations. He is a co-facilitator of Radical Wholeness and loves traveling, hanging out in tea shops, and camping with his kids.